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What We Do

Caflo Asset Management focuses on developing new companies with state of the art technologies, aquires and merges businesses to form international entities, creating dynamic, energetic and flexible companies that expand, grow and succeed in the global market environment.


Our Philosophy

We believe in a thoughtful, straightforward investment philosophy, long-term investing with an emphasis on quality and diversification, carefully selecting companies of interest.

This is the cornerstone of our long-term strategy which is the best way to build and preserve financial security.

Maticulous and precise implementation of our philosophy and overall financial strategy leads to a diversified portfolio. We are entirely independently funded.


Our Goal

Creating, merging and acquiring companies that have cutting-edge technology, safeguard the environment, innovative approach for carbon reduction, energy efficient and develop a positive and safe work environment, allows and creates long term success in various building blocks of the various business enterprises.


CAFLO Asset Management

A team of seasoned and dedicated professionals who believe in thoughtful, straight forward investment philosophy, long–term investing, with an emphasis on quality and diversification.

CAFLO Asset Management is a global holding company headquartered in Norway with substantial business interests in Europe and the US. The company seeks business opportunities throughout the global market environment with a focus on diversification.

CAFLO Asset Management is comprised of a supervisory board which oversees the management board responsible for day to day operations of our expanding business network.

CAFLO Asset Management encompasses an array of sectors including finance, industry, real estate, agriculture, property operations and more. Through our investments and acquisitions, we focus on increasing the economic vitality of all our holdings.

CAFLO Asset Management is extremely vigilant, observing developments regarding cutting edge technologies and applications, and has great interest in acquisition and nurturing innovation.


Markets change every day, but our financial goals and investment strategies do not.


We value the entrepreneurial spirit that shapes success.
The level of success is directly related to the strength of the entrpreneurial spirit of our teams.


Our Aquaculture enterprise is centered on sustainable fish farming in the clear clean waters of the Arctic.

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Real Estate

Real Estate represents a global commodity and is a significant component of our portfolio due to our business philosophy and principals of diversification.

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Development and Expansion of Business

We create, transform and construct business from the ground up.

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CAFLO Companies

Learn more about our companies.

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Our Board of Directors are international executives with decades of experience in investment strategies, finance and diversified industries.

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Leadership Team

Norway | Head Office
New York, NY | Branch Office

Our Team is comprised of a cross section of experienced, vetted, cross industry executive leaders.

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Compliance Team


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Media Contact

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Contact Info

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Caflo Asset Management
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Caflo Asset Management
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Caflo Asset Management, Inc.
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Caflo Asset Management, Inc.
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